We’re pretty convinced Antares will seduce you, but also appreciate that both personal taste and system synergy with your particular amp & speakers means, the only way to make a properly informed decision, is, to actually listen.

The best way to that, is to trial and compare them, at your place, on your system – giving you total freedom of choice and plenty of time to give them a good listen.

Try some “not so loved” tracks, as well as your favorites – we find, as system performance improves, it’s ability to handle “not so good recordings” and musical genres that may not be to your taste also gets better . Even to the point where you suddenly understand, what a previously unliked track is all about !



To that end, and in the unlikely event that your not bowled over by them, we offer a full refund of the purchase price, so long as you return them in “new” condition and in their original packing.



From the day you make the purchase, there is a 2 week “window” in which, we can refund you your full purchase price, with no incurred charges. All you have to do, is pay the return shipping / postage.  If returned cables are received by us after the 2 week (14 days) window, a small charge will be incurred, as set by, and paid to, Pay-Pal.

Purchases can only be made via Pay-Pal, on our e-Bay shop, by clicking on ..

Screen shot 2016-05-03 at 00.59.52Either here or on the home page

You will then be redirected to the e-Bay shop, where you can choose cable lengths, check prices, and choose your payment method through Pay-Pal.