A few comments from a few very happy users …

The cables improved subtle detail recovery to the point where even reverb tails are easily more apparent, along with a far more believable bass !

  • Tannoy / Crown
Vince – studio engineer

With Neat Ultimatum MFS speakers and my Bryston B7 amplification, the cables provide an enormous clarity improvement.

  • Neat Ultimatum MFS / Bryston B7
Paul – Audiophile

The biggest improvement I’ve heard yet. Bass is far tighter and more musical, while instrument separation throughout the range is beautiful. A massive improvement. Doug. (Hi-Fi owner)

  • B&W 802 / Avondale monoblocks
Doug – Audiophile

Definitely a bigger, cleaner sound stage, with the smoothest high end. Big improvement over my old “standard” cables.


Berni – Audiophile

At first I thought there was more detail, but after speaking to Karl I realised the detail was always there, just not so
audible.  Instrument separation and “air” are much improved and reverb tails are audible, right to the point where they disappear.

  • Wilson Sophia II speakers
Ian – Audiophile

Amazing cables.  I’m hearing far more than ever before.  I actually described them as f*****g amazing, but that’s another story !

  • B&W PM1 / Rotel
Simon – Audio visual Installer