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Antares cables

Antares speaker cables are built with the same technology and philosophy as “Transparent” Reference series cables of some years ago, and employ similar active circuitry in the “mid cable lump” !.   Among speaker cables, this use of “components” forming a “circuit” is pretty unique – as is their performance …. Click on the blue “Antares cables” title above to see more !


They offer a near perfect amp’ to speaker connection and deliver an extraordinarily un-cluttered, smooth and musical performance.

Your music

Antares cables preserve the musicality and emotionality of your music during the arduous journey from amplifier to speaker, offering remarkable detail recovery, instrument separation, air and a quieter background noise, so, bigger dynamic range too.

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Antares anatomy - in detail

Antares anatomy in detail

Antares are constructed using quality oxygen free copper conductor cables and close matched components, in half meter length increments, from 1.5 M up

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